Monday, June 9, 2008


This past Saturday, we had a visit from two lovely ladies, Pat and Pam, and Pats two grand daughters, Carrigan and Destiny. They came to see Sonel. Pat and Pam were at the Rescue Center where Sonel was, in Haiti, this past January and loved Sonel. When they found out he was close to them, they decided to come for a visit. They brought a "Sunshine Box" with them. It was a box filled with gifts, for Sonel, from people from their church. The object is to open one gift a day. Well, we cheated right off the bat. He opened two the first day! After I hid them in my bedroom and he wasn't looking at them, he was OK. The next morning, he pointed to my room and asked for a toy (smart boy!). I'm going to post his gifts each day. Thank you everyone from Hickory Grove Church, in Delphi, IN, for making Sonel a little more "spoiled" ! It's so fun to do. The last picture is Sonel holding a picture of himself that was taken by the Hickory Grove team, while in Haiti. Sonel has been doing so good. He has leg aches, at the top of his legs, but the only complaint about his feet is that they itch!

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stephanie garcia said...

What a wonderful gift for Sonel! I love that this church did this for hiim.