Monday, June 16, 2008

In case Hickory Grove Church is wondering what happened to the rest of Sonel's presents...we're saving them for a reward after he gets the pins out of his feet. I will take the gifts with us, so he can open them in the van.


rmfox said...

Sonel looks so happy in the pictures. I know how taking care of child from Haiti can be. We too, hosted a little one from Haiti last year for surgery in our home. We fell in love with her. Upon returning to Haiti the mother knew she couldn't care for her, and now we have legally adopted her! We never know what God has in store. We live close to you too. Anderson, Indiana. We love the Zachary's too. God bless

Brenda said...

You emailed me about a year ago about hosting a little baby. It ended up the baby had surgery in Haiti by surgeons from the US. We emailed several times. I have some questions about adoption I would like to ask you. Could you email me at