Friday, October 24, 2008


We went camping this past weekend. Here are a few pictures of our fun time.
Sonel had a blast playing in the leaves.

Hope jumping out of her swing.

I would love to make a puzzle out of this picture of Hope fishing.

Sonel seen Dr. DeHeer on Wednesday and Dr. DeHeer will make new splints for Sonel next month, which will continue to stretch his tendons so he will be able to walk more normally. I'm thrilled to say that Dr. DeHeer thinks Sonel needs to stay longer than Jan 27th for his feet to be how they NEED to be. Yeah! That means I will request that his medical visa be extended for 6 more months, which will be until July 27th. He will get to experience a very cold Indiana winter all the way through. Right now, he doesn't seem to mind our chilly weather. He tries to sneak outside all of the time...with out his jacket.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I just wanted to tell everyone how Sonel is coming along in the American way of life. He has been here for 5 months and he almost speaks entirely in English. Sometimes I speak to him in Creole, just because I want to practice and not forget what I know. He asks for ice cream...every night! If you will remember, when he first tasted ice cream, he spit it out. He hated anything sweet. My how the tables have turned! He loves suckers with a passion, especially bubblegum suckers. Most Haitian kids HATE dogs. When Sonel first came to our house, he almost climbed up to the top of my husbands head when he seen our little black Scottish Terrier. Now he loves him. So much about Sonel has changed, especially how he looks. He looks like such a big boy, even though he is still in a size 3 toddler in clothing. That's pretty small for a 5 year old. He was bald when he first came. I love his hair. It's pretty long when you pull it out. I'm not quite sure what to do with it, but I really don't want to cut it. He has been such a blessing and it has been such a privilege for my family to take care of him. We all love him.
Dustin, (my nephew), if you come home for Thanksgiving, let me know and you will get to meet him. He loves your mom's dog! (haha) You'll have to ask her about that.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New P.J.s

I bought these pajamas for Hope and Sonel to wear Christmas Eve, so they will be sooooo cute when I take movies of them Christmas morning. I wanted to make sure they fit, so I let them wear them tonight. These pictures show how Hope and Sonel get along. They have their moments, but most of the time is like this.