Friday, October 24, 2008


We went camping this past weekend. Here are a few pictures of our fun time.
Sonel had a blast playing in the leaves.

Hope jumping out of her swing.

I would love to make a puzzle out of this picture of Hope fishing.

Sonel seen Dr. DeHeer on Wednesday and Dr. DeHeer will make new splints for Sonel next month, which will continue to stretch his tendons so he will be able to walk more normally. I'm thrilled to say that Dr. DeHeer thinks Sonel needs to stay longer than Jan 27th for his feet to be how they NEED to be. Yeah! That means I will request that his medical visa be extended for 6 more months, which will be until July 27th. He will get to experience a very cold Indiana winter all the way through. Right now, he doesn't seem to mind our chilly weather. He tries to sneak outside all of the time...with out his jacket.


Momto13 said...

Adorable pictures!! Sonel is really looking like such a big boy and has such adorable hair! What a cutie!

One Crowded House said...

Brenda- I have checked in on your blog several times following Sonel's journey, I cried when he was getting his first surgeries... it looked like he was a trooper though!

Be praying- I think they are trying to get all of the paperwork figured out in Haiti for the girls.... sometimes things don't always go as planned!

Since Sonel is older- can I ask what he calls you? I was thinking of having the girls call us aunt and uncle... It will be hard with all of our other kids calling us mom and dad- but they have mommas in Haiti that love them very much- and I don't want to confuse them!

Kim said...

Great photos of the kids. I am glad Sonel is doing so well!

Brenda said...

We picked up Sonel in the evening at the airport. The next morning he started calling us "Mama and Papa". I never said anything to him. I was wondering what to have him call us, but he took care of it himself. He now calls us Mom and Dad because he hears Hope say it all the time. If the girls did call you Mom and Dad, it is different than what they say in Haiti, so it might not confuse them. Can I ask you what state you're from?

One Crowded House said...

Brenda- we live in North Carolina

Teapot said...

How wonderful, he seems like a very special boy.