Saturday, May 9, 2009


Spring has sprung in Indiana...finally!!! I just wanted to share this with you because Sonel is just too cute.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


We just went camping, this past Thursday through Saturday, in southern Indiana. We found zillions of geodes and 2 mushrooms (bummer). We had quit a bit of rain the first evening, but it didn't start until we had our camp site completely set up. Yeah! Sonel and Hope had a blast riding bikes. Sonel rode in a Kayak with Uncle Steve (Kenny's brother). We played Yahtzee and
Sonel rolled the dice for Uncle Steve...Sonel rolled "4" Yahtzees in one game!!!!!!

Last weekend, we had a costume party at our house. I made Hope and Sonel's outfits. They had been looking forward to this party for quite some time. I found out, that morning, that Kenny had a prior obligation at the time of the party. That meant I was going to be alone with 10 little kids! (Three of them aren't in the picture, because they were late.) They were really good though. Here are a couple pictures.

Here's another picture that cracked me up! Sonel fell asleep on the couch. Kenny told him to go get in bed. When I went to check on him, to make sure he had put his leg splints on...this is what
I found!

He was sound asleep. He was leaning a lot, but standing on his feet! (Excuse the messy room)
Everyday is an adventure and a blessing.