Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Scooter Inspitation"

When you watch Sonel's video, you will hear me mention "Christie" as my inspiration for buying Sonel a scooter...WRONG NAME! It was Laurie, Bo and Noah's mommy. I want to give credit where credit is due. Thanks Laurie for the video and idea, Sonel LOVES it.
I just bought a tiny little movie camera, and I just took a couple movies of Sonel. It's way too dark in this room, so it doesn't look that great, but you can still hear him talk a bit. The thing that is so easy about this camera is the movie is on an SD card. I can just pop it in the computer and it's there. My small JVC camera LOOKS so much better, but it is such a pain to upload, for me anyway.

Friday, February 13, 2009


We went to the local school for "Story Time" this morning. They have it once a month for youngsters not yet in school. This is Sonel with the librarian and his 'free book'.

After we got home, Hope and Sonel made Valentine bags. They bought gifts at the dollar store for each other to put in them and I bought plenty of chocolate goodies also.

Sonel is sooooo coooool in his new shades!

Sonel has to wear his shoes on the wrong feet to try to correct his bit of pigeon toe. One day I told him that he put his shoes on the "right feet" and that he needed to take them off and put them on the "wrong feet". He just crossed his feet real quick (like in the picture below), because he didn't want to change them. He makes me laugh at some of the goofiest things he does.

Sonel's finished Valentine bag.

Hope's finished bag.

Two cutie pies. That is a toy lizard that Hope stuck to the door. We don't have lizards in Indiana, in case you're wondering.

Well, I haven't bought tickets yet, but my plans are to take Sonel back to Haiti in May. I just emailed Lori and asked her when would be a good time for them. I hadn't checked Lori's blog for a few days, but apparently Licia is suffering form a very bad case of Malaria. If you know the Zachary family...please pray for Licia. She has been ill for over a week with fever and some liver problems. This is an update that I read on a blog today...
"The Doctor determined that Licia is fighting a very serious case of Malaria. It had begun to cause liver problems. She needed IV fluids right away and went on those yesterday. She is with a Doctor that many respect here. Zach said she did not have a great night. There is so much Malaria in her system it will take time and meds and prayers before she turns a corner."

Friday, February 6, 2009


We had a big snow (about 7 inches) about a week ago and here are some pictures of Hope, Sonel and Kenny sledding at a local park.

Sonel always managed to roll off of the sled at the end, I guess to add some excitement.

If you notice, he is smiling in every picture (except the last one)

With Kenny on the sled, they picked up a lot of speed.

Sonel didn't have a choice to roll off of the sled on this trip with Kenny. When he sat up, I nearly peed my pants! All I could see was big brown eyes and a solid white face. It started melting right away. I took a quick picture, but I didn't get but half of his face (I was laughing so hard), so I took another one and he had just started crying. As soon as I wiped his face off and dried it, he was raring to go again. In fact he wasn't happy at all when it was time to leave.

(He has gum in his mouth.)
He loves the snow. We are having a heat wave was all the way up in the upper thirties!
I'm going to try to add some video of Sonel, if I can remember how.