Friday, February 6, 2009


We had a big snow (about 7 inches) about a week ago and here are some pictures of Hope, Sonel and Kenny sledding at a local park.

Sonel always managed to roll off of the sled at the end, I guess to add some excitement.

If you notice, he is smiling in every picture (except the last one)

With Kenny on the sled, they picked up a lot of speed.

Sonel didn't have a choice to roll off of the sled on this trip with Kenny. When he sat up, I nearly peed my pants! All I could see was big brown eyes and a solid white face. It started melting right away. I took a quick picture, but I didn't get but half of his face (I was laughing so hard), so I took another one and he had just started crying. As soon as I wiped his face off and dried it, he was raring to go again. In fact he wasn't happy at all when it was time to leave.

(He has gum in his mouth.)
He loves the snow. We are having a heat wave was all the way up in the upper thirties!
I'm going to try to add some video of Sonel, if I can remember how.

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