Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Yesterday, Sonel fell off of the ladder to the play fort in our yard. He was playing alone. When he came in the house, he was screaming! I got some ice and gave him some Tylenol, but he was not letting up on the crying. I knew something was really wrong. I called the pediatrician who has seen him since he's been here and they said bring him right in. They took some x rays. They said they didn't see a break, but he has fluid all around his elbow. They sent us home and said to give him Motrin until we could see an orthopedic doctor today. We were ready first thing this morning.........no phone call. I called and they said they were working on it. Of course the problem was nobody wanted to donate their care for Sonel...they wanted their money. I finally called Dr. DeHeer (Sonel's podiatrist) and asked him if he knew anybody that might help. He gave me a name and I called...the girl said hold on, and then the Doctor came to the phone and asked me a few questions and said "Bring him in in the morning". So I'll keep you posted as to what happens. By searching the web, it sounds to me like he will need a full cast or splint. The poor baby has been living on Motrin, but he is doing good. His elbow is really swollen today. they gave him a sling, but he prefers to let it hang by his side.
I am so amazed by how God provides. I'm so thankful for all of the kind hearted doctors that have given so much, for Sonel. His life will be forever changed because of them. Dr. DeHeer just got back from Haiti last week. He goes down there all the time and donates his time teaching and performing surgery. He has such a heart for Haiti.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well...I talked to a lady at the USCIS office (where they issue Visa's) and she told me to apply for another extension. I told her that I only had 2 weeks to get him back to Haiti and she told me that if I file the extension, he would be here "legally" until I hear from them. It took 3 and 1/2 months to hear from them this time! I pray they answer me by May 19th, when we have plane tickets to go to Haiti, or else I'll have to change our tickets and probably go when the heat is unbearable....oh well. I sent copies of our plant tickets and explained as much as I could to them of why he doesn't have a job! I feel like I can at least breathe now. It is still only about 10 weeks until he leaves. I have so much to do. But I praise God for more time with him and I'm thrilled that he will get to take a train ride!

Here's a cute picture of Sonel I took a while back when he had his curly hair. It was over 3 inches long, but to hard to take care of. He would yell when I would pick it out. There was just too many tangles. It was soooo cute though.

We went to Chuck E. Cheese (Sonel says Chucker Chesus) on Friday. Then on Saturday we went on our local trail to get some exercise. Hope is on roller blades and Sonel is on his Spiderman scooter. My daughter, Nikki and grand daughter, Delight, went also.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I just want everyone to pray for Sonel. They have denied his medical visa extension, because "he doesn't have a job" and they are afraid he will become a "public charge". They also stated that he didn't "establish a residence abroad to which he intends to return". They didn't care that he is here for medical reasons. The papers were filled out the exact same way the first time I applied for an extension. They stated he has 30 days to get back to Haiti, from the date on their letter. So he has to be back in Haiti by March 19th. I just got the letter about 4 days ago. I am heartsick. I knew I would be, but this stinks so bad. He loves trains so much and we were going to go on a train ride in April, when the train start running in Noblesville. I will make a picture book for him to take with him, but even getting that ready will take a while. I can't believe how rushed I feel to get so many things done for him.
My plans are to leave on the 17th of March and I will return on the 24th. I trust God to be with Sonel all the days of his life. I hope to be able to see him on future trips to Haiti. He is a part of our family. Pray for me to...because this is so hard.