Monday, March 2, 2009


I just want everyone to pray for Sonel. They have denied his medical visa extension, because "he doesn't have a job" and they are afraid he will become a "public charge". They also stated that he didn't "establish a residence abroad to which he intends to return". They didn't care that he is here for medical reasons. The papers were filled out the exact same way the first time I applied for an extension. They stated he has 30 days to get back to Haiti, from the date on their letter. So he has to be back in Haiti by March 19th. I just got the letter about 4 days ago. I am heartsick. I knew I would be, but this stinks so bad. He loves trains so much and we were going to go on a train ride in April, when the train start running in Noblesville. I will make a picture book for him to take with him, but even getting that ready will take a while. I can't believe how rushed I feel to get so many things done for him.
My plans are to leave on the 17th of March and I will return on the 24th. I trust God to be with Sonel all the days of his life. I hope to be able to see him on future trips to Haiti. He is a part of our family. Pray for me to...because this is so hard.


Corey said...


I am so, so sorry. I know how much you love your boy, and it breaks my heart knowing the specific situation that you have to send him back to. I pray that God will intervene and change his father's heart, and that Sonel will grow up cherished and loved, whether that be in Haiti or with you. I pray that God will bring you peace in this difficult time. I pray that God will protect Sonel, will hold him in His hands and keep him safe, and will calm his fears. You are in my thoughts, daily. Corey

Rebekah Hubley said...


When does his actual visa expire? Was he released from the Doctor's care? No more surgeries...ever??? I will be praying for you and him and everybody!!! Will he continue to live at the RC? This makes me so sad and scared...we are getting paperwork together to apply for Jonas's extension. God help me if his is denied!!!!!! The docs still want him here so hopefully that will help his case.

ManyBlessings said...

I am so sorry. This is just so sad. I will keep ALL of you in my prayers. What a difficult situation. :(

Brenda said...

Sonel's visa expired on Jan.27th.
I assumed that his extension would go through, which would go until July 27th. I bought plane tickets to take him back on May 19th (I will get to fly back to Haiti with Zach). After I purchased the tickets, my husband comes in with the mail about 2 hours later and they had denied his extension. He will need another surgery when he is 8 years old. His doctor goes to Haiti a couple times a year, so I asked him if maybe we could arrange for him to do the surgery while he is there, he said "yes". Sonel's parents have been told that they need to come get him when he gets back there. He will probably stay at the RC for a while. I will stay with him for 1 week.