Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Dr. DeHeer decided that it would be better to make splints for Sonel to wear at night instead of casts all the time. I'm thrilled with that choice. Sonel still cried. He did get happy when they took them off, after they hardened. I kept telling him that he could wear his shoes and socks home. He wasn't so happy when we put them on tonight. His left foot started hurting and he complained for the next 2 hours. I gave him Tylonel, but he still complained. As I'm typing this blog (after midnight) he started crying. He didn't wake up, but I have a feeling I won't be getting a full nights sleep tonight. The splints are 90 degree angles. Dr. DeHeer said his feet do not have that much of an angle, so the splints are really pulling on his tendons. He also has to wear his shoes on the wrong feet. Of course that makes me look like a "stupid mom" in public. People probably think, "Can't she see his shoes are on the wrong feet!" My son used to suck a Nuk pacifier upside down. I'm sure people thought I was stupid then too. Here's a couple pictures at the Doc's office today.

This sweet lady is Marie. She is from Haiti. She visited our church this past Sunday and I found out that she works at Clarion North...that's where we meet Dr. DeHeer on Wednesdays. Sonel wouldn't look up for this picture. It's funny, she talks to him in Creole, but he won't say a word to her. I think he thinks that people that talk in Creole are going to take him back to Haiti. He has seen Lori and Charles twice since he's been with us and he doesn't say a word to them when they talk to him.

Notice the tears. We made a deal on the way to the Doctor that he would get a Happy Meal if he didn't cry. When the doctor came in, I said, "No crying" and he burst into tears! I assume this guy was training with Dr. DeHeer. He was holding the splint while it hardened.

Working on the second splint. He figured out it didn't hurt, so there was no more crying.

Even though it didn't hurt...he was NOT going to smile.

Trying not to smile...

Too late, he was pretty happy that they took the things off!

One last look at his feet by Doc. It was the first time Sonel hasn't cried as soon as he touched him. Dr. DeHeer even got to hear Sonel say a few words (he has never talked in front of him).

Too happy not to smile!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Sonel was helping Kenny pick apples, well I think Sonel was just eating apples, when he came rushing into the house with a problem. He yelled and yelled and when I came he said "Look". His tooth was just dangling. At first I thought I should call the dentist, maybe they can save it. But I began thinking that he is 5 years old, maybe it's time to start losing teeth. Later, Sonel told me "My teeth hurt". I asked him if he wanted me to get it out and he said yes. I am such a chicken, there was no way. I have never pulled a child's tooth. As a child myself, I would wait until my teeth fell out all by them selves. I don't care if I could spin them around several times, nobody was touching them! My daughter came over later and she asked Sonel if he wanted her to pull his tooth and the rest is history. Here is his gorgeous picture to share with you.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


One of these days, I'll figure out how to blog properly. When I look at my preview, it looks fine, but when I post, it looks like a Scrabble game. Below, it says...Here are some pictures from the zoo, then it says...Hope and Sonel having fun..."Delight" enjoying the zoo...Sonel and Dad. When you scroll down, you'll see what I'm talking about.


Sonel's Doctor is the best! He had us meet with an orthopedic surgeon friend of his at the Hyatt in downtown Indianapolis. He was there giving a speech. He is from Pennsylvania. He examined Sonel's feet and knees and gave Dr. DeHeer his opinion of what further needs to be done for Sonel to walk properly. Sad to say, for Sonel, he has to be put in casts every week, starting Wednesday, to stretch his tendons because he isn't flexible at his ankles. Sonel doesn't understand what casts are, but as soon as I told him he couldn't wear shoes, he was sad. I told him he could still walk, but all he heard was "YOU CAN'T WEAR YOUR SHOES". He loves his boots. Sonel keeps telling me "Mm pa vlee casts." (I don't want casts) He is speaking so much English now, but he throws a couple Creole words with most of his sentences. I don't want him to forget his Creole, so I like to speak Creole with him some. I don't want to forget what I know either, because when I go back to Haiti I want to be able to talk with the kids. (The adults would probably think I'm nuts, if they heard me. )
Dr. DeHeer's girlfriend also came to meet Sonel at the Hyatt. She was very nice and we had a good chat. I want to thank God for leading us to Dr. DeHeer. He has such a giving heart and I pray that God blesses him for it.


Here are some pictures from the zoo. I forgot to have somebody take my picture, so it looks like I wasn't there. Our daughter, Nikki, and her 6 week old baby, Delight, also went with us. On the way there I was cleaning my glasses and they broke in half! We had to stop and buy some J B Weld so I could make them hold together for the day. They ended up falling apart on the way home. It was perfect weather and we enjoyed the day so much.

Hope and Sonel having fun.

"Delight" enjoying the zoo.

Sonel and Dad.

Sonel and Dad.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We're going to the Ft. Wayne Zoo tomorrow. I should have lots of pictures. Sonel is afraid of every large animal. I don't care what it is. I hope he realizes that they can't get to him and enjoys himself. We had Sonel pull his pajama pants up real high and put Kenny's reading glasses on and told him to say "Did I do that"...I just about lost it! I will try my best to get him on video doing it. He always manages to clam up when I get the movie camera out. Later...Brenda

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I haven't blogged for a while, so I thought I would post some pictures for you to enjoy. We went to the doctor this past Wednesday and we will be meeting Dr. DeHeer's orthopedic doctor friend on Sept. 20th in Indianapolis, so he can check out Sonel's hips and see if he can use further treatment. Sonel doesn't walk right. His feet are fine, it's his one hip that seems to not function right. It causes his right leg to flair out and his knee goes backward. We'll get him taken care of though. There are a lot of people that care about him, so between prayer and the good doctors, he'll be fine.

Sonel wasn't quite sure what to do with the beater, but Hope showed him and then he was a happy camper. He's adapting to sweets quite well. He loves ice cream now. He only eats a little each time, but he almost asks for it every night.