Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Dr. DeHeer decided that it would be better to make splints for Sonel to wear at night instead of casts all the time. I'm thrilled with that choice. Sonel still cried. He did get happy when they took them off, after they hardened. I kept telling him that he could wear his shoes and socks home. He wasn't so happy when we put them on tonight. His left foot started hurting and he complained for the next 2 hours. I gave him Tylonel, but he still complained. As I'm typing this blog (after midnight) he started crying. He didn't wake up, but I have a feeling I won't be getting a full nights sleep tonight. The splints are 90 degree angles. Dr. DeHeer said his feet do not have that much of an angle, so the splints are really pulling on his tendons. He also has to wear his shoes on the wrong feet. Of course that makes me look like a "stupid mom" in public. People probably think, "Can't she see his shoes are on the wrong feet!" My son used to suck a Nuk pacifier upside down. I'm sure people thought I was stupid then too. Here's a couple pictures at the Doc's office today.

This sweet lady is Marie. She is from Haiti. She visited our church this past Sunday and I found out that she works at Clarion North...that's where we meet Dr. DeHeer on Wednesdays. Sonel wouldn't look up for this picture. It's funny, she talks to him in Creole, but he won't say a word to her. I think he thinks that people that talk in Creole are going to take him back to Haiti. He has seen Lori and Charles twice since he's been with us and he doesn't say a word to them when they talk to him.

Notice the tears. We made a deal on the way to the Doctor that he would get a Happy Meal if he didn't cry. When the doctor came in, I said, "No crying" and he burst into tears! I assume this guy was training with Dr. DeHeer. He was holding the splint while it hardened.

Working on the second splint. He figured out it didn't hurt, so there was no more crying.

Even though it didn't hurt...he was NOT going to smile.

Trying not to smile...

Too late, he was pretty happy that they took the things off!

One last look at his feet by Doc. It was the first time Sonel hasn't cried as soon as he touched him. Dr. DeHeer even got to hear Sonel say a few words (he has never talked in front of him).

Too happy not to smile!


ali said...

i have so fallen in love with Sonel since coming across your blog. HOW HOW HOW will you ever let him go? you are one strong Mama.i hope & pray he will be able to keep in touch with you throughout his life, somehow. haiti is tough.

Brenda said...

I will post on the blog, later, our plans for Sonel. I will just say, we don't want him to go back.

ManyBlessings said...

As I was sitting her looking at those pictures and I was smiling, I was thinking the exact same thing as Ali. How on earth to let him go? He is SO adorable and it's obvious he's found his way into everybody's heart there. :) I'm SO thankful for you and your family and for what you've done for Sonel. I know you would argue that he's done so much more for you, but thank-you anyway. What a sweetie pie! :)

*Kira and Dustin* said...

What a sad/fun/exciting post! I mean really how awesome is this little boy? I hope I get the chance to meet this great little boy in person. What an amazing blessing you have been in his life! We visited Honduras at one of our ports and it was the first time I have ever been around true poverty. I’ve been to Mexico City, but this was completely different. There were little boys in girls in the streets begging for anything because they had nothing, yet they were still happy. It broke my heart.

You are an amazing person that has changed this boy’s life forever!