Sunday, September 21, 2008


Sonel's Doctor is the best! He had us meet with an orthopedic surgeon friend of his at the Hyatt in downtown Indianapolis. He was there giving a speech. He is from Pennsylvania. He examined Sonel's feet and knees and gave Dr. DeHeer his opinion of what further needs to be done for Sonel to walk properly. Sad to say, for Sonel, he has to be put in casts every week, starting Wednesday, to stretch his tendons because he isn't flexible at his ankles. Sonel doesn't understand what casts are, but as soon as I told him he couldn't wear shoes, he was sad. I told him he could still walk, but all he heard was "YOU CAN'T WEAR YOUR SHOES". He loves his boots. Sonel keeps telling me "Mm pa vlee casts." (I don't want casts) He is speaking so much English now, but he throws a couple Creole words with most of his sentences. I don't want him to forget his Creole, so I like to speak Creole with him some. I don't want to forget what I know either, because when I go back to Haiti I want to be able to talk with the kids. (The adults would probably think I'm nuts, if they heard me. )
Dr. DeHeer's girlfriend also came to meet Sonel at the Hyatt. She was very nice and we had a good chat. I want to thank God for leading us to Dr. DeHeer. He has such a giving heart and I pray that God blesses him for it.

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