Monday, September 22, 2008


Sonel was helping Kenny pick apples, well I think Sonel was just eating apples, when he came rushing into the house with a problem. He yelled and yelled and when I came he said "Look". His tooth was just dangling. At first I thought I should call the dentist, maybe they can save it. But I began thinking that he is 5 years old, maybe it's time to start losing teeth. Later, Sonel told me "My teeth hurt". I asked him if he wanted me to get it out and he said yes. I am such a chicken, there was no way. I have never pulled a child's tooth. As a child myself, I would wait until my teeth fell out all by them selves. I don't care if I could spin them around several times, nobody was touching them! My daughter came over later and she asked Sonel if he wanted her to pull his tooth and the rest is history. Here is his gorgeous picture to share with you.

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