Thursday, January 22, 2009


I loved Sonel's hair and didn't want to cut it...but, it was getting too hard to pick out. I don't know how people deal with little girls hair. His hair was sooooo tight. Well, I finally cut it, with some advice from Tanya (thanks). I've watched my husband sheer our sheep and it was pretty much the same. You just take it slow and it comes off in hunks. His hair was a little over 3 inches long. It hadn't been cut for 9 months. He looks so handsome now and his hair feels so soft. I'll keep it cut from now on. A lady I know who came to the US, from Haiti, when she was 14 said that Sonel would look like nobody was caring for him, if they saw him in Haiti, with his hair like I had it. I thought it was so cute, but he is as equally adorable now. Here are a couple pictures.

Hope holding Sonel's hair up to a ruler.

It would actually be over 3 inches long!

Look at how cute he is! Notice the food (egg) on his shirt. He always uses his shirt as a napkin.


Rebekah Hubley said...

looks great! When I saw his beach pics though, I thought, " I am going to grow Jonas's hair out because Sonel's was so cute long!!!"

One Crowded House said...

you did a great job :) It didn't look like it was that long before- wow!! :)

He is such a handsome little guy.

Amy said...

Sonel looks wonderful, as always. I too didn't realize it was as long as it was!

He is such a happy boy with you...I keep praying for all your dreams to come true!!!