Monday, June 30, 2008


This was so funny. Hope got this Hannah Montana wig for her birthday. I asked Sonel if he wanted to put it on and he said "Yes". All the little girls were laughing at him like crazy. I took a picture of him and when I showed him, he had a shocked look on his face and threw the wig off as fast as he could! I laughed so hard! I talked my grandson into letting me take a picture of him in the wig too, so Sonel wouldn't be so embarrassed.


Nikki said...

Hehehe, that is so cute!!! I am leaving to go to the Dominican for a month to volunteer tomorrow, but hope to be able to check in here and there during my stay there, as I love seeing how Sonel is doing!

Christine said...

Glad I didn't have coffee in my mouth when I pulled up that pic.

I needed that today!!