Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lookin' good!

Here is Sonel with his new "BLUE SHOES". He wont' be near as hot with his feet wrapped like this. Before Sonel's feet were wrapped back up, I washed his legs and put lotion on them. He loved it. He still cried when he seen the doctor. He cries a lot when he first sees his feet. They are kind of scary looking. On the way back home, Sonel started saying "sins swy", over and over. I asked Hope if she had any idea what he was trying to say and she said he wants "french fries"! We're working on pronouncing that a little better. He also calls a cheeseburger a "shees bagay". Bagay is a Creole word meaning "thing". He has been so much fun. He is no longer on any Morphine, PRAISE GOD for that. He was like a little zombie and never wanted to eat, while taking it.

Our next doctor visit should be a good one. Dr. DeHeer's kids and his girlfriend's kids are wanting to meet Sonel, so they are going to try to be at his next appt. Dr. DeHeer has such a good heart. He was going to go to China and perform surgery on the earthquake victims, but the Chinese government said "NO". I pray that God will bless his life for all he is doing for others.


Rebekah Hubley said...

He looks amazing, and you are doing such a great job with him!!!!! I have loved Sonel from the first time I laid eyes on his Youtube video! Praise God for you and the doctors that are helping him! You have forever changed his life, and I am sure that he has changed your life forever too!!!!!!!!! :-)

stephanie garcia said...

ohhh, he looks wonderful! thank you for the update!