Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The surgeon just called and said he has a cancellation this Friday, so Sonel will be having surgery Friday at noon. If you think about him, say a prayer for him.

A reporter and photographer are coming to our house tomorrow to do a story about Sonel's journey. They want to do three stories...before, during and after. The photographer asked if he could go into the surgery room and take pictures and the surgeon said yes. I'm so thrilled to get to tell about the rescue center and medical clinic. I'm going to insist they put the blog addresses in the article. I hope this will be a good avenue for more people to find out about the work in Haiti. I will post the web address for the paper when the articles come out.

Here is a picture of Sonel giving a "go ahead" for surgery. (He has no idea what he's in for!)

By God's perfect grace, we will be just fine.

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