Friday, May 23, 2008

Here are a few pictures of Sonel before surgery and after. When we first got to the surgery center, the staff had bought Sonel a bag full of toys! He was a happy camper until we went back and had to change his clothes. He knew something was up when I put him on the bed. He started crying so the nurses gave him all the band aids he wanted, to play with. Dr. DeHeer even took pictures of Sonel and all his band aids. Surgery was about 2 hours long. Dr. DeHeer came out and showed me a picture, on his camera, of Sonel's feet...his STRAIGHT feet! They have steel rods sticking out of his heels (ouch!), but they looked so good. He was in a lot of pain, but once it was under control, he slept all the way home, THANK YOU JESUS. Tonight will be a long night, I'm sure, but it will be worth some sleepless nights (for me) to get to see him walk. I want to thank everyone for your prayers.



ManyBlessings said...

Hoping you and Sonel were able to get some sleep last night. He looks so sweet in his car seat. :)

stephanie garcia said...

Praise GOD that Sonel's surgery was successful!!

Momto13 said...

Awww.... it sounds like the doctor and staff were just wonderful, what a blessing. He looks so good for just being out of surgery I can see how straight his feet are already... amazing! If you get a moment maybe update the blog about the "plan" from here. I am interested in seeing what they are going to do. :)
Love the pictures. Prayers for painless healing!

Nikki said...

I saw the link to your blog on Licia's blog and am so happy to see the photos of Sonel and hear that he is doing well! I am looking forward to reading more! I am going volunteering in the Dominican for a month this summer but Haiti is next on my list :)

elosangel said...

Sonel looks great - so happy for him and you all! How striaght his feet are and what a fun time you'll have keeping him off them for 3 months! Yikes!

Katie & Sonia said...

I am so happy that Sonel is doing well. I've been thinking about him and came across your blog on Licia's site. My family and I are traveling to Haiti next year. Thank you so much for taking this journey withlil Sonel.