Friday, May 9, 2008

Doctor Visit

Sonel loves it when you tell him he's going to the doctor. He gets all excited. We went to see the surgeon and he was fine. The doctor started removing his socks to look at his feet and he started crying and he cried the whole time! Dr. D was going to try to put cast on his feet for several weeks, but after seeing Sonel's feet, he decided to just go for the surgery. He said his feet were to rigid for the casts to do any good. Sonel will have pins in his heels and ankles for 3 months...which means "no walking" for 3 months! THAT will be hard! While on our doctor visit, we also stopped by a business that is donating a pediatric wheel chair for us to use. It's so's purple! I am amazed at the generosity of everyone. I am amazed at how God works on our behalf. If He sees every sparrow that falls...He sure knows our every need. Thank you JESUS!

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