Thursday, April 2, 2009


Sonel is doing a lot better with a splint on his arm. They think he has a cracked bone, but it doesn't show on an x ray. The doc said that in two weeks, if it is still bothering him, to come back for another x ray. It will show new bone growth where it is cracked. If he is getting along fine, he doesn't need to go back at all. I take the splint off twice a day for him to bend his arm as much as he can. He had an appointment with Dr. DeHeer later in the day.

This is Sonel playing with his new hat. He was such a good boy at the orthopedic doctor. The hat was his reward...along with super cool underwear.

Sonel being a good boy...again. He used to burst into tears as soon as he seen Dr. Deheer.

Now.....they're best buds!

Sonel flying a kite, last week, when it was frigid outside!

I want to thank every one for your prayers on Sonel's behalf.

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em said...

i am so glad he's doing better! he has such a beautiful smile. i love seeing that!