Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Catching up on blogging

Sonel can officially stop wearing the arm splint! Here is a picture of him in all 3 of his splints that he wears to bed.

I called the CIS office (where they issue the visa extensions) yesterday. When I looked up our reference number on line...it said it wasn't a valid number. When I called them they said they couldn't find our file, because the number wasn't valid, but not to worry..."I should hear from them in 90 days". Well, I have tickets to take Sonel back to Haiti, on May 19th. That will only be about 60 days from the date I filed for the extension. Soooooo, that means he won't be going in May, more than likely. When I sent in the extension, they told me to include copies of the airline tickets, which I did. But apparently, they just throw them in a pile and get to them when they get to them...with in 90 days. If they would just look at the papers and see the airline tickets???!!! I'm ok with him not going in May, but it cost $150.00 to change each ticket. I will be packed and ready, just in case. I have a feeling I'll get to go when it's the absolute HOTTEST time of the year in Haiti. Yeah!! I'm still excited to go, even though I will be sopping wet the whole time.
I'm adding a lot of photos of random things just for your viewing pleasure.

I took some pictures of Hope and Sonel last week. Aren't they cute? You would never know that they fight like brother and sister...every minute of the day!

This is out our back door on April 6th!!!!! Will we ever have Spring weather? Yesterday was in the 30's most of the day!!!! If you can zoom in on the pond, you can probably see lots of gold fish that live through the winter.
This last picture is of my youngest grand daughters with Hope and Sonel. Delight is 8 months old ( and just got her first tooth yesterday) and Zoie is 17 months old today. I just noticed that Zoie has a piece of bread in her hands. She knows how to get the bread drawer open and help herself.


Rebekah Hubley said...


What is the number that you used to call? I can't find the USCIS # anywhere and I have some questions for them. I am renewing Jonas's visa this week, and I have a question for them about an adult that we have here. I e-mailed them, and got a generic response that they would be getting back with me, and I have not heard from them. That was a month ago... thanks and you can send any info to my e-mail... r_rhubley@hotmail.com


One Crowded House said...

those are great pictures...