Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I found this really cool site while reading one of my favorite Haiti blogs, from some missionaries. Haitian women make purses to sell. Some from burlap and fabric (my favorite). Others just fabric. They teach the women to sew and sell their products to help them take care of their families. You can read about each of the women that have made the purses. I am going to tell all of my friends and family and place an order soon. The purses change all the time as they sell them and make new ones, so if you see one you like, you better get it!
CHECK IT OUT. http://www.haitiancreations.com/


Nikki said...

I love those purses! It's awesome to know that you're helping to support a haitian family when you buy one too. I can't wait to order one!

Amy said...

I purchased a purse in November and I love it...receive many, many compliments! It is so fun to tell people where I got it!

Praying for your family and Sonel!

~Amy in WI