Sunday, July 12, 2009


We had such a nice turn out for Sonel's open house. I took a picture of everyone that came, with Sonel. Poor boy, he kept saying "Again?" I had to get him off the trampoline with all of the other kids here, and he wasn't too pleased. He still had the biggest smile ever with every picture though. I couldn't possibly post them all, but I will post a few. The nicest surprise of the evening was Dr. DeHeer came!!! I can't say enough about his BIG heart. God bless him in all he does! (You will be in my prayers always, as you bless others with you selfless heart.)

This is our son, Josh...whom like his father...can't smile for a picture, unless he's heard the funniest joke on earth. Also, his wife Amber and son, Elijah.
Another son, Ben, with his two boys, Gabriel and Michael. Ben can't smile either, so he just does the best mean look he could muster.
Sonel and Gabriel are best buddies.

Another son, Bradley, his wife Jennifer and sweet grand baby, Zoie. Bradley has no trouble smiling...must have took after me.

Hey, Kenny's cracking a smile!!!

Our daughter, Nikki, her husband Sam and beautiful daughter, Delight.

My Mom, known to Sonel as "Grandma".

We were prayed for this morning, at church, and it brought out a lot of emotions that Kenny and I have held in. It will be so very hard when we leave Sonel. I just believe that he will grow up to be a man after God's own heart, no matter where he lives. He is in God's hands. He is so special to us, I can't imagine how much more God loves him. This will be my last post until we get back. I hope to have a lot of pictures and movies. Please pray for us.


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I am in tears just thinking about it... I will pray for ALL of you as you transition....