Sunday, July 5, 2009


Last Sunday we went to my husband's family reunion. After it was over, my husband and his two brothers paid a visit to their mom's grave site, nearby. While we were all there, I told Sonel that Kenny, Jeff and Steve's mom was buried under the grave stone. I told him that she died and that they put her in a box first. I didn't want him to think they just through her in a hole. He walked off. About 5 minutes later he came up to Steve and pointed down and said "I think you mom needs some fresh air". I laughed so hard. I'm amazed at his grasp of the English language.
We just came back from camping today. We had horrible weather. It was so cold for July, I couldn't believe it. NO SWIMMING. Bummer. Plus, I sprained my ankle as soon as I got the camper all set up! I can walk on it now and it's turning all kind of lovely colors, but it still hurts like the dickens!


Paula said...

We are friends of Justin and Janelle McKee. I stumbled across your blog in my archived sites. This is a rather personal question, but do you know Sonel's future. I ask this because we have adopted two children from Guatemala and have a huge network of friends who have also adopted. I might as well come out and ask if there are plans for Sonel to be adopted or if that is even an option?

Brenda said...

If you go back on Sonel's blog, you will find your answers. It would take to long to explain it all here. Or give Janelle a call, she can explain. He has to go back because he is here on a medical visa. His future is in God's hands. If it would be possible, we would adopt him.