Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In a way it feels like a dream to me. It's like I woke up and things are different now. I got groceries today and I saw things I don't need to buy now. It was hard.
There is a girl from Texas at the Rescue Center, (Jamie knows her), named Caroline. She posted a picture of Sonel on her blog! I was thrilled when I seen it. If you want to follow her blog... ohsweetcaroline.blogspot.com He's in the back of a truck in the black t shirt.
A funny note...before I left I told Sonel I would send him a package and I asked him what he wanted in it. One of the things he wanted was a "Hot Wheels B Pack". I don't watch toy commercials, so I told him I would ask Hope what it was when I got home. Hope thought for a while and said "I know, there's a commercial that says, Hot Wheels, beat that!" We got a good laugh from that. It's just a hot wheels with a crazy track.
I'll keep everyone posted if I hear anything about Sonel. Thank you all for your prayers. God is good.

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