Tuesday, August 5, 2008


A few hours after my last post, my daughter, Nikki, went into labor to have her first baby. WELL...it was certainly an ordeal! God was certainly with her as one thing after another happened. Long story short, she had to have a C-section. I was able to be in the surgery room (at the foot of the table) along with her husband, Sam, at her head. Nikki had to be put to sleep right after surgery started, because she was "feeling" the surgery. Then, the baby's head was stuck in the birth canal. The doctor worked so hard to get it out...it seemed like 5 minutes, but it was probably less than 2 minutes. It was so scary because all I could see was my daughter bleeding everywhere, while he's working to get the baby out. When the baby was born, it looked lifeless, as the nurses rushed to the baby, they told us that we had to leave the room. We just cried out to GOD as we waited. HE IS FAITHFUL!!! After about 5 minutes, they said we could go back in and we heard and saw a beautiful baby girl!! Delight Nicole Pier, 7 lbs 5 oz. She is gorgeous! Nikki had to be in ICU due to blood loss, but she is doing great now. They are home and all I can do is PRAISE GOD for His mighty hand in all of it.

Tomorrow is Sonel's birthday, so we will have a fun day making his cake and decorating it. I will have pictures and maybe a video. He is excited about blowing out his candles. He has experienced 3 birthday's for others, while here, so he knows about the candle blowing!


stephanie garcia said...

She is absolutely beautiful. Praise God for His care over your daughter and family!

Amy M. said...

I have been following your blog silently until now. God Bless you for what you are doing for Sonel. If I didn't have a full-time job and 2 young children, I would truly consider doing what you are doing. What an amazing blessing you are to him...I just don't know how you will say goodbye when the time comes. I pray it will be easier than I'm thinking.

Congratulations to you and Nikki on the birth of her daughter - congrats to the rest of your family as well. Your description of the birth was similar in ways to the birth of my daughter. They give us trouble coming out, and I fear it will continue for many years to come :). My daughter is now 8 and she is still a handful - but I'm so very proud of her and love her so much.

Anyway...just wanted to let you know that you do have readers of your blog, even if they aren't commenting.

Again, God Bless You!


Brenda said...

I would probably be overwhelmed if I knew how many people read my blog. I read lots of peoples blogs, mostly people in Haiti, and I usually never comment. But I appreciate reading all the comments. It encourages me to press on! I try not to think about Sonel going home. I'll deal with it, when the time comes. Thanks...everybody for your thoughts and prayers.