Thursday, August 28, 2008

Doctor Visit

This is Sonel and Hope showing off their visors they made today. How artistic!
This is Sonel feeling so proud of the puzzle he just did! Check out his cool high top shoes.

Sonel seen Dr. DeHeer on Wednesday. He has Sonel taking some Cortisone Rx for a few days to take down the swelling on his left foot. He seems to be slightly twisting his ankle, or something. He will just be walking and he sits down and cries and holds his foot. Today he did it again, I just rubbed it and put his shoe back on and he jumped up and started walking again. He may just get a cramp in it, I don't' know. Sonel seems to be walking a little differently than when he first started wearing shoes. His right leg seems to flair out to one side and his knee looks like it is bending backward. Dr. DeHeer wants Sonel to see an orthopedic doctor friend of his sometime in September. He thinks it looks like Sonel has a problem with his hip, which is why he walks a little funny. His friend will be speaking at a yearly meeting in Indianapolis at the Hyatt and he wants me to take Sonel there, to see him. God is so good. He just puts the right people in our paths. Dr DeHeer also asked me if I could take Sonel to his son's third grade class to meet the kids. I'm excited about it, but I'm sure Sonel will act all shy, at first anyway. I think this doctor visit is the first time Dr. DeHeer seen Sonel smile and act happy. He is a beautiful child, but it takes a little while before he gets used to new people. I'm so grateful to be a part of his life.

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