Monday, August 18, 2008

Please Pray for Sonel

Sonel fell down yesterday and he refuses to walk on his left leg. He actually fell off of a ramp onto the deck. I can't figure out what he did for sure, because I can't ask him in detail and I don't think he would even know what he did. He was just crying and sitting on the deck. I think he just stepped off of the ramp, which would be about a foot drop. There is no swelling, no bumps, I can't tell if there is a bruise because he is so dark. He says his shin hurts. It's not his foot, but from his foot up his leg. I will wait and see how he is doing in the morning before I make a call. I know there is nothing that God cannot do! Please help me pray that God will touch him and he will get back on his feet.
Thank you so much...Brenda

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