Sunday, November 16, 2008


Sonel was brushing his teeth before going to church this morning and when he spit, he spit out a TOOTH! Notice how his first tooth he lost is coming in already. My, how he is growing!


Nikki said...

Hey, I didn't know that. What has he thought of the little bit of snow we've got lately. Make any snowballs?

One Crowded House said...

Hi Brenda- the girls actually didn't mind the dog too much- even at first. And now they like him... now my son on the other hand, when he came home five months ago, was completely FREAKED out by the dog- and the cats!

Thank you so much for the prayers- I am actually getting a little sick at my stomach thinking about putting the little girls through the surgery and recovery. It makes me sad to think we will be putting them through pain on purpose. I know their recovery won't (or shouldn't) be as difficult as Sonel's though. He has been such a brave boy!
Anyway, I know it is necessary, and of course, is the whole reason they are here- but still... my momma instincts are kicking in.